Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bonnaroo - WorkForce Rebellion Mural Project

WorkForce Rebellion was commissioned by Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to paint a series of murals and stencil posters to give the entire festival grounds a consistent look, themed around the 10 year anniversary. The project was art directed by Audie Adams, Ryan Shrader and Bryan Deese. Assisting on the project was Lisa Liou        
Mike Styles, Kyle Grizzel, Matt Hundley, Jon Judkins, Ben Vitualla, Tyler Foster, Irene Ford, Jesse Shacklock, Troy Duff, Nicholas Major, Steven Gawiak, Jessica Robinson, Katy Fischer, Jackson Campbell, Nathan Brown.
Around Day 4 the front room of our trailer became stencil hell!
Special Thanks to Russ and Tessa for allowing us the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic job. You guys rock. Spoke with one of your team at Bonnaroo and left a business card. Please have someone get in touch with me. Thanks, Arron

Anonymous said...

Great stuff guys, loved the multi-layer stencils you put up everywhere. I would have bought one there but our car was PACKED and didn't want to ruin them. Throw some up in the e-shop?