Monday, December 31, 2007

Project 5 - Pop Bottles: New Year's Eve

Mr. Audroc created these two gems to give out to cool people on New Year's Eve. He did a version for the guys and a version for the ladies. Maybe he will give you one ... if you're cool and see him out tonight.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Project 4 - Christmas Card

Audroc created this Holiday Card for Concrete magazine and Thoughts Manifested/TM crew. We showed one to our friends at Rocketown and they liked it so much they asked us to do a batch for them.

Card Size - 5.57" x 8.75"

Project 3 - Label Mini Ramp

This was designed and painted by Audroc. We teamed up with our friends at Label Skate Shop and Concrete Magazine and created a poster design for a mini ramp contest. A total of 30 posters were created. Posters were placed in a few local skateshops and given to the skaters entered in the contest. Check the Audroc and Rex2 (Thoughts Manifested/TM crew) production by the ramp.

Poster Size - 18" x 24"

Project 2 - Memphis Rooster

This poster was illustrated, designed and painted by Audroc (Thoughts Manifested/TM Crew). The posters were supposed to be the background of a graffiti production by Audroc and Rex2 (Thoughts Manifested/TM Crew) at the Soul Food Jam in Memphis, TN. However, Rex2 backed out of the trip last minute, and Audroc did not use the design in Memphis. Most of the posters have black text in front of yellow, but a few have the yellow text in front.

Poster size - 18" x 24"

Project 1 - Southern Hospitality

Southerny Hospitality is a graffiti jam held at Rocketown in Nashville, TN. The inagural S.H. Jam took place on Saturday, June 2, 2007. We (Audroc and Rex2) created posters and painted the poster design directly on the wall as part of their production. We then gave the posters to other graffiti writers that participated in the event. We thought it was a clever way to give artists a part of what we did at the event. It was the first official "WorkForce Rebellion" project.

Poster Size - 18" x 24"

The Movement

WorkForce Rebellion is the brain child of Audroc (Thoughts Manifested/TM crew). It symbolizes the resistance to enter the work force and rather doing what you love to earn an income. Or by using corporate earnings to finance a passion. It is breaking away from the mundane existance of every day life. This is the dominant theme behind the movement. We plan to take the movement to many mediums including posters, murals, clothing, canvases and more.